About Cedar Grove Composting

Cedar Grove Composting, Emerald Services' sister company, is an organic recycling company, turning grass, leaves and prunings into nutrient-rich compost. Cedar Grove owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities located in Maple Valley, Washington and Everett, Washington.

In the late 1980s, Cedar Grove Composting was awarded a contract to compost Seattle's yard waste. From that humble start, Cedar Grove Composting has grown into the largest single dedicated composting facility in the United States.

Everett Plant Maple Valley

Since 1989, Cedar Grove Composting has diverted over 4 million tons of organic material from landfills, preventing 3.72 million metric tons (C02e) of greenhouse gas emissions- the equivalent of removing approximately 670,000 cars from the road. Cedar Grove takes valuable resources and converts them in to earth friendly compost used to replenish urban soils, minimize storm water run-off, conserve water and provide all-natural gardening solutions that minimize chemical usage and keep waterways healthy for salmon and other vital habitat communities.

For more about Cedar Grove or to place your order for Cedar Grove products, please go to www.cgcompost.com or call 1 877-SOILS-4U (1 877 764-5748) or fax to 425 432-7043.