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Best Home Renovations If You’re Tight on Budget

It’s a priceless feeling to finally own a house after years of hard work. Though it might seem perfect at first, you’re going to want to improve it over time. But that’s easier said than done. Home renovations are often expensive, and they also require a lot of planning and effort as the homeowner. No worries, though! Unless you really want to commit to a massive project, here are some affordable home improvements you can try!

Repaint Your Rooms

A cheap and easy way to improve your home from the inside is by simply repainting. Using different shades, you can completely change a room’s mood! And this project doesn’t require any special skills or expertise — just some time, effort, and creativity on your part. That being said, if you want a chill vibe, go for cool tints like blue, green, or purple. Opt for lively colors, such as bright red, yellow, and neon green, if you wish for an energetic atmosphere. However, most people prefer the modern feel and neutrality of white, gray, and black combos.

A cheap and easy way to improve your home from the inside is by simply repainting.

Install Stair Brackets

Stairs serve as the gateway between the upper rooms and the ground floor. You might not think much about yours, but it often catches the eye of visitors. If you want to make your stairs more appealing, install stair brackets. This is a quick home improvement project that doesn’t only enhance aesthetics but also reinforcers the structure to avoid injuries.

Refurbish the Fireplace 

The fireplace is the heart of your living room. To survive the freezing winter months, you want to ensure that this section of your home is in tip-top shape. In addition to cleaning out the ash and embers, take time to spruce it up with new paint or tiles and achieve a cozier vibe during cold nights. All this maintenance helps keep your family safe while making your space homier than before.

Add a Sink Filter

You already know that health is wealth. Installing a sink filter ensures your family is getting clean water. To top that, it only costs around $100 – $200, making it less costly than visits to the doctor! But keep in mind that installing one can be complicated. Make sure to call the plumber if you’re unsure of what to do next!

Install LED Lighting Fixtures

On top of being energy efficient, LED lights also last longer than traditional bulbs while providing a modern feel to your home. You can easily find them on Amazon or in most hardware stores, with prices ranging from $30-$50 for a single fixture. Just watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to install one correctly.

Put Up a Backsplash

Improve your kitchen today by installing a backsplash. If tiles seem to be out of your league, for now, don’t be shy to settle for solid surface materials. Yes, they’re cheap, but they pretty much do the job. Plus, you can completely tackle this project by yourself. This will not only add some color, but it’ll also make the space look more modern. Simply buy some sheets for your local hardware, measure the area you want them installed in, cut the appropriate dimensions, then set them into place.

Organize Your Closet

This one might seem like a small thing, but it will make your house a better place. Take a look at your closet and check what sections can be improved. Once you’ve figured that out, hit the nearest store to buy closet organizers. It’s really not worth spending money on fancy closets when you can do it cheaper and get the same result.

It’s really not worth spending money on fancy closets when you can do it cheaper and get the same result.

Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets

It sounds simple enough, right? Painting cabinets is something even amateurs can proficiently do. Still, the results often make an enormous difference in how bright, welcoming, or cheery your kitchen feels. Not to mention paint isn’t that expensive!

Add Shelves to Your Home

If you want to achieve a minimalistic vibe, shelving your walls is an easy way to add storage space. You can place and organize your books, pictures, or collectibles there. On the bright side, shelves are undoubtedly cheaper than having to add another room for storage, right?

Place Plants All-Around

Adding greens in any room makes it more relaxing and increases oxygen levels. Add the fact that they’re aesthetically pleasing too! Try potting some succulents on top of bookshelves or next to windows without much sun exposure. A nice touch would be placing figurines near some for color contrast.

Adding greenery in any room makes it more relaxing and increases oxygen levels.


Home renovation doesn’t have to bleed your bank account dry. With a bit of effort and a touch of creativity, you can always improve your home even if you’re on a budget.