Cost Savings vs Home Investment | DIY vs Professional Gutter Installation

Gutters are often considered an afterthought. They’re not the most glamorous part of a house, but they serve a fundamental purpose: to channel unnecessary streams of water away from your home. When you invest in quality gutters, you can rest easy knowing that your house is protected from moisture damage. However, gutter installation is easier said than done. It’s not impossible but still a rather complicated process. So, are you going to install it yourself or hire professionals to do it? Here’s a comparison of what you can expect from each method.

Cost Savings vs. Home Investment

Alright. So you’ve got some extra cash saved up. You’re torn between saving it up for future purposes or use the money to upgrade your home. What’s the best choice? While there’s no right or wrong answer here, it still depends on your goals. If you’re contented with the state of your dwelling place right now, then saving up is a good thing. However, if you plan to sell your home in the future, protect its components, and increase its value, you can never go wrong with investing in renovations.

DIY vs. Professional Gutter Installation Cost

Since you’ll save up on the labor, the DIY gutter installation will undoubtedly require less than hiring experts. Generally, the cost of installing gutter by yourself is around $ 750 – $1500, depending on the type of material you use and other additional supplies. On the other hand, expect to spend about $2500 and up when hiring professional gutter installers.

Benefits of DIY Gutter Installation

First, it’s time to talk about the advantages of tackling gutter installation on your own. It’s not the most comfortable of tasks, yet there’s definitely several perks to it, as stated by

  • You save money. When you do the project yourself, it’s no secret that you get to pocket a considerable amount. Many people think this will cost them a lot of resources, but it can be done economically with careful planning. Not only will you be saving up on the labor, but you’ll also get to choose the materials yourself. 
  • Family bonding time. A DIY gutter project is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality family bonding time together. If everyone assists with the work, things will be done faster. Just make sure that kids will be supervised, though. They will learn some basic life skills in this fun and immersive activity.
  • It helps you upskill. Doing your own gutter installation can be a fulfilling and exciting experience. Fixing up the house yourself allows you to acquire new skills that will serve you in the future. It enables you to hone your problem-solving skills by figuring out how to get around obstacles. Plus, it encourages critical thinking where problems must be solved creatively using tools, materials, and techniques at hand.

The Drawback DIY Gutter Installation

While it might seem interesting and challenging on paper, gutter installation is no easy task. You will have to exert effort, learn the craft, and spend time on the project. And this doesn’t even guarantee that it’ll come out perfect. There’s also the risk of injury, leakage, and damage to your house because of an improperly installed gutter system.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Gutter Experts

When you’ve got the cash to spare or are too busy to do the project yourself, you can always hire experts that spent their lives installing gutter systems. Some pros of hiring them include: 

  • Your safety is assured. One of the most important aspects of hiring a professional gutter expert is you can ensure your safety. Many people choose to install their own gutters, and while it can be done, it doesn’t make sense to risk injury when experts are available for hire. These trained experts know what they’re doing without risking their lives.
  • Professional Installation ensures quality. Yes, you can install gutters, but will it hold for years or even decades? Not too sure about that. Meanwhile, professional installers follow closely defined processes, and they’ve been doing this type of work for years. Based on that, you can trust that your gutter will be doing its job for the years to come.
  • The job gets done fast. Not everyone has the time, tools, or experience to install a gutter system properly. But professional installers have mastered every technique and familiarized every problem regarding gutter systems. It’s safe to say that they won’t only save you energy but precious time as well.

The Drawback of Hiring Professional Gutter Experts

Honestly, the only drawback of professional gutter installers would be the cost the comes with hiring them. However, you should also be careful of rogue contractors and scams. Make sure to double-check every credential of your potential company.

Although it is up to you in the end, we’d advise you to seek professional help as it is more guaranteed to be strong and sturdy.

The Bottomline

Gutter installation requires knowledge and expertise. Although you might be able to save money upfront on a DIY approach, it doesn’t guarantee the longevity of the end product. As much as you can, seek professional help to ensure the integrity of your investment.

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